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Govind Industries

Established in 1989, Govind Industries has grown leaps and bounds over the years and thriving for more. We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Trailer and tractor linkage attachments, euro quick brackets, a-frame etc.

Govind Industries, an icon in the Indian Industry blooms under the guidance of our visionary our pioneer Managing Director Mr. Sanjeev Soni.

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Vision & Mission

Our company are striving to systematically expand our position as an innovative, customer-oriented technology group. Our objective is to create lasting value for our customers and to translate our successful growth strategy into high profitability and to provide quality state of the art products and other customized special purpose products at competitive prices.


Manufacturing Capability

Our Plants are set up in the outskirts of Ludhiana (Largest Industrial town of India). Strategically placed in terms of raw material procurement freightage facilities and competition awareness.

The company is not only conscious about the quality of product but also play a vital role in maintaining the environment inside as well as outside the plant. All the effluent from the unit is disposed to the treatment plants.

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An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Co.

Quality Assurance

Quality being our trademark we have over the years developed a high quality assurance system.

This includes patrol inspection, internal audits and regular quality control measures of all critical operations. We not only emphasize the need for quality in all our operations, but constantly strive to follow and improve our quality standards wherever and whenever we can.

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